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Complaints are handled by our company very seriously.

If you have a complaint or question regarding any of our services or our employees please feel free to contact us at the email below. We will deal with your concerns immediately and on an individual case bases.

Compliance Specialist and Consumer Advocate

In order to provide superior customer service, Turning Point Solutions keeps a Compliance Specialists and Consumer Advocate on staff to mediate debt-related questions.

Our Compliance Specialists and Consumer Advocates are here to discuss your rights and responsibilities, and to help you navigate the intricacies of the collections process.

The groups duties include:

  • Working with debtors and/or their attorneys to resolve disputes
  • Contacting regulatory agencies (Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and State Consumer Agencies) regarding borrowers with disputes
  • Contacting clients directly for information on a debt to resolve any questions or disputes

Contact one of our Compliance Specialists and Consumer Advocates by e-mailing vrap@gsholdingsllc.com.

Complaints can be directed to: admin@turningpointsolutionllc.com